Wild Hyacinth

Your Part-Time Gardener

Frank Caruthers
Principal Gardener

Gardening is very satisfying work that I greatly enjoy, especially when working together with clients who share my enthusiasm for growing and maintaining gardens, whether ornamental, naturalized, or wild habitats that need help defending against invasive species. However, age and three years spending every spring, summer and fall digging, hauling heavy loads, spending hours on my hands and knees weeding, contorting my body to get inside overgrown shrubs to prune them correctly, etc., finally became too physically challenging for me. I've decided to move on to an occupation less punishing to my legs, arms, hands, back....

Thanks to all my great gardening customers, friends and other supporters for helping Your Part-Time Gardener keep going as long as it has. Stay tuned for the next chapter!

I'll keep the (now archival) web site up for a while, in case anyone wants to read the posts again before I take the site down for good.