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As we move into summer, weeding, mulching,and (selective) pruning come to the fore. And with the stress your plants have endured from this year's early dry heat-wave followed by weeks of wet weather, diseases—and the insect pests that take advantage of weakened plants—are particularly troublesome.

Your Part-Time Gardener provides pruning, planting, transplanting, soil improvement, weed and pest control, disease management, and more—all without chemically engineered fertiilizers, herbicides or pesticides, and according to your needs and budget. We understand that people who love their yards and gardens often don't have the ability to take care of them properly, but don't want to sign a long-term full-service contract with a big landscaping service.

Your Part-Time Gardener is the answer. We work with homeowners, gardeners and property managers to establish and maintain healthy, attractive ornamental and vegetable gardens—safely and sustainably. Whether you need a one-time clean-up, pruning or planting, monthly touch-ups or weekly maintenance, Your Part-Time Gardener will give you what you can't get from most large companies: Caring, quality, personal service tailored to your needs...and your budget.
Summer Annuals In Full Swing
New in the Photo Gallery: Containers planted with inexpensive summer annuals at the end of May were well worth the wait.

An elegant touch for early spring, in shade or part sun, the "Lenten Rose" is a hardy perennial available in many varieties. My current favorite is 'Pink Frost':
Helleborus x ballardiae ‘Pink Frost'
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